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Why learn technical analysis from Dronakul?

Instructors & Content

Our instructors are not just a teacher, they are professional traders with vast experience and knowledge in stock trading field. Undoubtedly course content is world class.

Class Videos

We teach in such depth that, unless you check the class videos repeatedly, you may not able to earn money from market, so we provide all the class videos.

All thing in a single place.
In Dronakul you can learn technical analysis as per your requirement. You can learn Intraday Trading, you can learn option trading or you can learn a complete course for equity, future & Options, commodity, crypto currency etc.
See how fast we have identified Nifty's top and bottom.
Continuous Mentoring

Every Sunday we conduct a practice class at evening. A participant can join the practice class after the course complete at least for six months. Good learner can practice lifetime.

Personal Care

Our instructors give personal attention to every students, to understand how they are doing. So that they can apply properly and earn money from stock market.

Institutional trading secrets
We are the only institute who reveal professional technical trading secretes. Only technical analysis is nothing in market unless you mix proper professional psychology with it. Our mentor is a professional trader, he understand how market really behave.

what you will learn in our price action course?

  1. Do & don'ts, Broader market fundamentals, Professional Vs amateur trading psychology.
  2. Candlesticks construction, basic to advanced level candlestick analysis. Depth study of price behavior using candlestick location, formation and volume.
  3. Multiple timeframe analysis, Double & Triple screen filtering.
  4. Identifying Institutional Demand & Supply not just the patterns using some advanced criteria. (Secondary demand & supply)
  5. Trend analysis in depth, early symptoms of trend reversal and continuation.
  6. Primary demand and supply. Advanced price action analysis. 
  7. 9 odd enhancers to identify proper secondary demand and supply.
  8. Rule based target, exit strategy, stop loss identification.
  9. Volume analysis, understanding the delivery percentage and know how to use.
  10. Gap trading tactics, stock selection, scanning a stock.
  11. Trade set up based on different market scenario.
  12. Compounding return, power and how to do it using technical analysis and trade management.
  13. Extracting juice from RSI conventional study.
  14. Trade set up at every price reversal, understanding, identification and execution.
  15. Future and Options.

Meet our instructor.

Narendra Nath Das founder and instructor of Dronakul
Narendra Nath Das

About the mentor.

Narendra Nath Das is our instructor who is awarded with “Excellency Award” for best mentor of stock market trading in 2018 by Urbanpro. By profession he is a professional trader, by passion he is a teacher. He has worked in various field in stock brokerage firms. Join stock market as an employee in 2004 and left his job in 2013 and then started his own trading.

He has started teaching technical analysis during mid 2013 on request. And later continued with lots of references only.

He has a vast knowledge about market behavior, and understand market psychology. Which make him unique as a mentor. As he is a trader, he understand a trader psychology better than other, and that is why he can identify the weak points of our students and correct their wrong approaches of trading.

Most important thing he is a trader & teacher; not just a teacher like most other, so he understand where a common trader need help. He conduct weekend practice classes, in which he discuss probable market scenario for upcoming days, where and how the demands & supplies are available