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The Institute of Professional Traders.

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Over view: In Dronakul,our "PTEM-A" course is an advance course where we bring down case studies to 40% only and increased advancing price movement analysis to 60%. It mean we are looking at the history and then focusing on future with some rule based strategies. Course will be conducted online so that participant can save their valuable time form travelling. In Dronakul, we cover various types of trading, i.e. day trading, swing trading, short term investment etc. The combination of skill building knowledge and practical application give very much positive effect to students. In Dronakul's PTEM-A course, we focus on some skill building extra edge that very much competitive with institutional traders. It means we teach how FII and DII trade with price movement.


The course content includes highest standard strategies. Share market trading requires knowledge in depth, because as a trader one should not be bias on intraday trading or short term positional trading or long term positional trading. Whenever a professional get proper chance to trade they simply trade. And our course is also a complete course, we do not teach "Intraday technical analysis courses" or "Stock market trading courses" or "Stock market investment courses" or "Commodity trading courses" or "future and options trading courses" separately.


We cover every aspect of trading using technical analysis so you need not to find any other advanced technical analysis classes after learning our course. We can assure you no other "stock market trading classes" or "stock market investment classes" can provide class merit like us.




PTEM-A: (Professional Trader Expert Module- Advanced)

PTEM-B: (Professional Trader Expert Module- Beginners)

In Dronakul we teach another short term course mainly for the beginners. "PTEM-B" is designed for those people who are very new in stock trading but wants to trade professionally. Though it is beginners module, yet much more advanced. This course is totally designed in such higher level that a biginner can compete with a 10 years experienced trader after learning it.