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The Institute of Professional Traders.

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Learning Objective 

What we believe, the more asset class you will know, the more chances will be there of making profit in any kind of market scenario; no matter what is the market trend, up / down or side ways? With an inbuild risk & reward strategy you will learn how to achieve your goal, it is no matter whether you are trading for monthly income or wealth creation.

In Dronakul we teach only one complete course, for all segments, which is more advance than any conventional advanced course teach globally. Our course is truely professional. 

Knowledge is the power and proper implementation of knowledge is the freedom of life. We believe a complete education does mean to having ability of proper implementation in real life. In stock market, good educations are rare, and well educated traders also slips into trap, this is why we, Dronakul, do make easy the implementation of practical area. A PTEM (Professional Trader's Expert Module) student can avail minimum six months mentor guide at free of cost.

Buying a stock mean you are owining small piece of the company and a or a few rights like voting, receiving dividend etc. of a publicly traded company. Stock trading a great place for the traders or investors for its great historical data. Unless you trade stocks, you can't understand other asset class instruments like Forex, Commodity, Future & Options etc. So stock trading is not only simple stock trading but also it is the beginning of wide your path of trading into more asset class instrument. It let you start few steps ahead while you will start trading other instruments.Day trading, short term trading / Swing trading, longer term trading will be teach to you online in Dronakul.