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The Institute of Professional Traders.

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                                Day 1-7

Trading: The difference between the professional and novice trader.

Understanding the fundamentals of risk and reward in trading, Market Terminology.

Be able to decode the language of big traders, Economic Reports.

Know what information to look for and why it is important.

Understand the components of trading, Charts: How the market really works.

Power of price action, time frames, charting, candlestick basics, Supply and Demand- The location of unfilled order, the principle of price reversal.

Understand four key order types and the purpose for each.

Learn how the markets really work and the psychology of amateur trades.

                            Day 8-14

Everyone is different, find what trading style fits you best, Trading principle Set-ups

Recognizing trade set-ups and understanding the supply and real demand

Trends: The origin of trend reversal, stronger trend, weaker trend, understanding primary and secondary trend, find out early trend reversal.

Different entry types based on location, trend and broader market.

Rule based target define, unfilled order identification tools 1 & 2.

Learn how to increase the tools on low risk, high reward, high probability trading, Trade Management.

The strategy for moving stops, taking your profits and leaving your trade alone, Putting it All Together.

Step by step check-list for buying and selling using all components of the Trading principle.

How to identify rule based target.

Relation between volume distribution and unfilled order.

The unfilled order identification tools 3 & 4.

Understand the power of risk reward ratio and compounding return.

Learn how to measure the reward to risk ratios quality of the trade set up. Breakout Trading Tactics.

Quantification based on inbuilt risk reward.


                         Day 15-20

Unfilled order identification tools 5,6,7,8.

Market breakouts, re-tests and the power of using the trend The Complete Trader.


Demand & Supply Zone and volume co-relation

Learning Trailing Stop Strategies using ATR and other Technical Stop Exit Strategies

The rhythm of the trading day and its impact on volume, asset classes and gaps Trading Gaps.

Recognizing novice gaps and pro gaps and the power of trading gaps. Trend reversal gap and continuation gap.

The proper use of, divergence, RSI, Understanding divergence and its possibility for advance trading. False signal with time correlation.

RSI: Identification of momentum picking time in advance.

Combination with Market trend, volatility index, dollar index , supply & demand , RSI.

Use of RSI as unfilled order identification tools 9.

                           Day 21-25

 Options Basics, Choosing Options over Stocks, Definitions and Terminology, Calls Puts, 

Charts, Diagrams and Pay-off Graphs, 

Types of Analysis


 Technical Analys


 Fundamental Analysis


    Time Value and Price Decay


    Pricing and Volatility Analysis


    The Greeks.


 Understanding Black Scholes model and application.


Building a Trading Plan


  Buying and Selling Puts and Calls


  Covered Calls


   Strike Selection


    Stock Selection Process.