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The Institute of Professional Traders.

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We believe "Technical Analysis"is simply price reflection of Fundamental valuation of a stock in chart. In other hand one can say it is a technique of how we can find out probable movement in different time span. It is a method of analyze the probability of price action. Using technical analysis we try to identify "Price action" both in shorter and longer term. 

Though most people believe Technical Analysis is effective only for day trading or short term trading. In Dronakul we teach you such kind of techniques which help you to Identify multibagger stocks using technicals.   

We believe if you know how to read a chart, then no matter what is your trading style, intraday, short term delivery or longer term delivery, no matter you are trading stocks, commodity, derivatives of forex, you will able to make money.

In Dronakul we believe technical analysis can't be different for Equity, derivatives, commodity or currency; but if you know how to read a chart and how to use it , then you can become a master trader in every segments.

Technical Analysis