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Who We Are?


Dronakul: The institute of professional Traders – We are considered one of the best stock market institute globally. We have started our journey in 2013. Our founder Narendra Nath Das was a stock market employee. He had worked for different brokerage firm since 2004 in different role till 2013. He left his job to trade for his own. After leaving the job he has got lots of request from his former clients to teach Technical Analysis, and the journey had begun in mid 2013.

We teach selective people only, unless we satisfy after talking with students we don’t provide classes. From the beginning we have come online and teach many people across the global. We have spent very little money for advertising purpose, as we mainly teach people from reference.

Why we are best?


Course Content – We teach Demand Supply based technical analysis, which is the principle of economics. No matter you are buying a stock or daily house hold commodities, if demand comes price will move up and vise versa. Mean in our course we teach to enter into a trade just before momentum begins.

Conducting Practice class – We believe “Practice make man perfect”, when you are trading is stock market lots of practices require. So we conduct practice class every weekend.

Live market mentoring – Even in live market we clear every doubt of our students, and update our analysis too. So that a trader can trade with confidence.


Our Goal


Best technical analysis class in bangalore

We believe, if secrets method is known to mass people then those are not any secret. So we will teach a few people only, very much selectively.

As we offer lifetime mentoring program we can not let mass people to access our methodology. Then why we are teaching? We believe “Teaching is the best method of learning.”

Our Commitments.

We believe stock market is a vast subject and one of the toughest subject in the world. A trader must practice in a continuous manner, or else probability of losing money will increase dramatically. So every week we conduct practice class. But not for the every learner. Every learner is allowed to join practice class only six months after completing the course. But Those, who will learn better, are eligible to practice lifetime with us.

Every students can access Dronakul Community  for life time and can avail life time guidance through community page or any mass communication media like whatsapp.

Every participant can retake the course after one year from first time he/she finished the course. Maximum one more time. 

After completing the course you will be…..

  • Master analyst of Real Demand and Supply. Use of volume with price action.
  • Master of real time trend analysis.
  • Master of understanding impulsive and corrective market movement.
  • Master of candlestick analysis.
  • Able to apply risk and reward management planning in depth.
  • You will be able to find out from where market / price will turn around in advance before it happens.
  • Will be able to make your personal trading plan as per your trading capital.
  • You will able to trade like a master trader.

What people say


– by Ramakrishna
attended PTEM

posted on 03 Jul, 2019

“Wonderful experience. Mr. Narendranath Sir has vast experience & knowledge in Stock Marketing Domain. I felt his teaching skills is unique. Totally worth of money. You get the inside knowledge not only about trading but actually how stock market works and when to trade / exit etc.Fully co-operative mentor. Would like to continue with him lifelong. “


– by Arvind Suryawanse
attended PTEM

posted on 24 Feb, 2019

“Was searching for a real time trader who would be teaching me to identify the demand and supply zone on real time basis. Got my Dronacharya, through Naren Sir. Absolutely down to earth and more importantly a refined teacher. His course gives you almost 100 times than what i learned from similarly priced courses. Now i regret all the money spent on other useless courses. This review comes after almost attending 12 classes from his side. Its very detailed and step by step methodology, taking almost all subjectivity from trading. Fortunate to come across and enroll in his course. “


– by Kamaljeet singh
attended PTEM

posted on 06 Feb, 2018

“He is the best mentor, One can have in his stock market trading profession, if you cant earn with his strategies, believe me you must exit the market today, and find a good job for you. Here you can fulfill every need of life. He use so much easy language in training sessions that anyone can learn just he should know English language terms only, if you don’t know the terms then he will explain In short he is full mentor package. “

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