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Learn THE PRICE ACTION, no matter whether you are a new or an experienced trader, our course is a combination of proper portion of broader market fundamental analysis and price action based technical analysis. Our method and guidance have made us the best share market training institute. Feel free to call us on +91 75480 46395, or submit the details below.

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There are four types of technical analysis available globally, "Dow Theory",  "Elliot Wave Theory", "Gann Theory" and "Demand - Supply Theory"  all the four theory constructed based on mainly Price Action. 

Rest, what available in market as the name of technical analysis mainly Oscillator and Indicators are simple bogus concept. Many people loosing money because of "Oscillator - Indicator". 

Price action helps traders to understand every continuation and reversal of the market before it happens. 

It helps to understand all the thought and perception of Institutional traders.

Price action help us to analyze any trend, may be up, down, side ways, it helps to understand how much strength or weakness is there in a particular trend.

There are many reason but in a single word "Price action based technical analysis is the best method of technical analysis, after applying price action method if you not able to make money in stock market then you are unfit trade in the market".