Advanced technical analysis course.

Professional trading course.


This course is designed for those who wants to make Stock trading as career or first resource of earning.

It's a truly professional course, in a single course we will cover the advanced technical analysis for Equity, Future & Options, Commodity, Currency and Crypto Currency. 

Who will attend this course, they will get minimum six months practice class once in a week, and will be guided in live market through different messaging services for lifetime.

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Intraday trading course.


This course is designed for those who normally looking for good day trading techniques for income generation.

In this course we cover only the portion require for day trading obviously in advanced level. This techniques can be apply in Equity, Future, Commodity, Currency and Crypto Currency. This technique can be applied in option also if you have depth knowledge regarding option. 

This techniques work too good in index futures. Those who are looking for index trading can join.

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Recorded course PTEM.

2019 recording

There are many traders who wants to make their trade profitable but due to lack of time unable to attend live class or due to higher course fee they hesitate to attend live class, this course is for them.

It is the recorded version of PTEM, recorded during 2019 Dec to 2020 Feb live class. 

In this course, commodity, currency & Crypto currency has excluded. 

Available both in Hindi and English language.

It is not downloadable.

No practice class or live market support available.

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