Narendra Nath Das is one of the best technical analysis class instructor in India.

He has made several professional traders under his mentor-ship.

Teach from the grass root level.

Best Technical Analysis Course instructor in India


Narendra Nath Das is our instructor is awarded with “Excellency Award” for best mentor of stock market trading in 2018 by Urbanpro. By profession he is a professional trader, by passion he is a teacher. He has worked in various field in stock brokerage firms. Join stock market as an employee in 2004 and left his job in 2013 and then started his own trading.


He has started teaching technical analysis during mid 2013 on request. And later continued with lots of references only.


He has a vast knowledge about market behavior, and understand market psychology. Which make him unique as a mentor. As he is a trader, he understand a trader psychology better than other, and that is why he can identify the weak points of our students and correct their wrong approaches of trading.


Most important thing he is a trader & teacher; not just a teacher like most other, so he understand where a common trader need help.

Why preferred online


Our mentor is a professional trader, he believes during market hours physical presence of students may hamper his personal trading. So he like to teach online after market hours only. At evening he preferred most.

Offline Class

 Our offline class is little costly, as our mentor is a professional trader so he avoid providing offline class, He believes either he will not able to concentrate on his trading or he will not able to teach properly. Which is very true. If anyone asked offline class we can provide but higher cost to be afford by the student.

Some Features About Us

Support during market hours

We support our students to understand a chart and discussed the probability and trading opportunity even during live market through chat.

Connected with Professional community

We have created a group of our students, so that they can stay connected with each other and help each other for trading. Help for group study.

Weekend practice classes

We conduct weekend practice classes, in which we discuss probable market scenario for upcoming days, where and how the demands & supplies are.

The Best Technical Analysis Class we provide.

We provide the classes for stock market trading or investment. We bet you, no other institute or individual trainer will able to provide you this highest standard class through out India.

If you not able to make money in stock market even after learning and practicing with us, then believe us that next ten years you will not able to make money even if the God will teach you.

Our commitments.

Cover basic to advance level.

We cover basic to advance level of analysis in all types of course even in Beginners Module.

Continuous mentoring after the course.

Our instructor loves to mentoring in a continuous manner. As he is a professional trader, he loves different view and questions, mentoring to students help him to analyze chart even better.

Trade with the mentor

Those participant who will not able to trade properly, they can trade with our mentor sitting with him once in a week.

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