How to use this option calculator?

Enter basic inputs like price of underlying, annualised interest rate(%), Annul volatility, Time remaining for the option expire (in number of days) and Dividend yielding in the respective cells are shown in blue colour text.

Enter the strike price that is nearest to the spot level, Enter the strike price interval.

The option calculator would automatically compute the price of Greeks for three OTM, ATM, Three ITM both for call and put options.

Also the calculator would give you values of various option greeks for your referance and usage.

Output values shown in Orange are for Call option and those are brown are for put option.


The Dronakul option calculator

is desgined for educational purpose only. It is intented to assist individuals in learning how option work, what factor affect an option's price and how a change in any one (or more) of them may effect in price. It is a tool for developing basic understanding of option pricing. The calculator has been built using the Black & Scholes option pricing method, Which is more suited to European options.

The user is advised to make use of value generated by this calculator at his own risk and cost of consequences, Dronakul will not be responsible for anything in any way.