Advanced Future & Options trading course.

About the course.

This course is designed for advanced level option traders, who wants to earn consistent profit by trading Index option mainly. In this course we have included technical analysis part which are required for option trading also. Therefore a beginner will also able to trade properly. This course is designed to create professional option trader. It means if you want to build your career in option trading then it is perfect one

Topic will be cover.

1. Trading psychology, professional vs amateur trading.
2. Demand and Supply analysis.
3. Multiple time frame analysis.

4. Trend analysis, CMO, IMO.

5. Exit strategy for big profit and small loss.

6. Risk and reward management.

7. Options Basics, Choosing Options over Stocks, Definitions and Terminology.

8. Call & Put and their uses.

9. Types of option, ITM, ATM, OTM.

10. Option terminology, intrinsic value & time value calculation.

11. Managing option positions.

12. Breakeven point. Diagram and mathematical payoff graph for better use.

13. Price decay, pricing and volatility analysis. (India Vix and Implied volatility).

14. Open interest analysis, the hidden meaning. OI analysis with demand & supply.

15. Option chain analysis and how use it.

16. Strike selection process with the help of demand supply, OI data and risk reward management.

17. Option Greeks.

18. Understanding Black & Scholes model and it's application.

19. Option buying and selling based on market scenario.

20.  Nacked option selling timing, situation, and management.

21. Option hedging strategies (Bullish and Bearish)

Class timing.

6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Monday to Saturday continuous)

Number of classes 10-12 and extendable if requires.

Additional benefits

All live classes will be recorded and participants will able to access life time.

Live market guidance through messaging application for lifetime.

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How to enroll this course?

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