Advanced technical analysis class PTEM.

  • Dronakul's  advanced technical analysis course PTEM (professional trader's expert module) is considered one of the best stock market technical analysis course globally.
  • In this course you will learn technical analysis from basic to advanced level in depth, this course is designed for both new and experienced traders, who wants to be a professional trader or at least profitable trader.
  • We provide minimum 6 months practice class after completing the course. An active trader can attend practice class lifetime subject to availability.
  • We do provide mentorship through messaging App during live market. 
  • Lifetime handholding for Dronakul community .

Who will teach you?

Best technical analysis course instructor in India
Narendra Nath Das
Professional trader & Founder of Dronakul

What you will learn?

Day 1-4

Understanding the fundamentals of risk and reward in trading, Market Terminology.

Be able to speak the language of traders, Economic Reports GDP, IIP, RBI policy etc and its effect in market.

How professional traders uses economic data in their favor.


Days 5-10 

Characteristic of candle stick and it’s proper use.

Multiple time frame analysis and it’s proper use.

Double and triple screen filtering.

Learning practical uses.


Day 11-16

Understanding the difference between “support and demand” & “Resistance and supply”

Understanding professional and novice trading style.

Core strategy set up of demand & supply.

understanding the difference between professional demand-supply and novice demand-supply.

The principle of price reversal.

Different advance order types and uses.

Rule based zone marking.


Day 17-18

Trend analysis using top & down method.

Continuation and reversal trend identification process before it happens.

Identifying strong and weak trend.




Days 19-26

Odd tools 1 & 2 for institutional trade identification.

Rule based target identification.

Rule based stop loss identification.

Institutional trade management process for Equity

F&O trade management process

Extreme demand & extreme supply

Odd tools 3 to 9 for institutional trade identification.

Volume. Understanding continuation and reversal momentum using volume.

Gaps, professional and amateur gap. Using gap in your favor.


Days 27-30

Stock selection process.

RSI, principle of divergence and possible use in advance trading.

Putting all together.


Days 31-35

Options Basics, Choosing Options over Stocks, Definitions and Terminology

Calls, Puts, Charts, Diagrams and Pay-off Graphs, Types of Analysis, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Intrinsic value, break even points, Time Value and Price Decay, Pricing and Volatility Analysis, Open interest analysis. Combination of OI with demand supply, Option chain analysis, Use of option chain in continuation and reversal, The GreeksUnderstanding Black Scholes model and application.