Refund Policy

Any advance booking for class will be refunded if participant not able to start class even for his/her personal problem, but once class is started no refund will be done. For example if anyone starts class then no refund will be done. But a participant once made payment but unable to complete his / her class due to any reason, can rejoin with any other batch with the adjusted price within one year. As all the class will be held online, problem may arise from either our end or any participant end, in that case we will adjust class time and must complete the course but if anyone don’t want to complete his/her course and ask for refund, he/she not be entertained. In case we fail to give complete class we will refund 100% without any obligation. As the course can be extended for the purpose of proper education, therefore we do not refund any amount of course fee if unable to finish the course in time.